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General Terms and Conditions

Before using the services provided through the website www.the24concept.com (hereinafter “Website or the24concept”) we recommend You to read the general terms and conditions forth below.

  • Introduction
  1. These general terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”) regulate the terms and conditions of Your (as a buyer or visitor) use of the services provided by the Website and are an obligatory legal agreement between You and the Website.
  2. Using the services provided by the24concept as a registered customer or visitor, You confirm that You have read and unconditionally accepted the full content of these Terms and Conditions and certify that You have the legal capacity to conduct a transaction.
  3. You also accept that these Terms and Conditions can be unilaterally changed by the24concept any time without Your prior consent or notice, and the24concept certifies that any change will be posted on the Website and will be available for the registered customers or visitors of the Website. Hence, we encourage You to reread the latest version of the General Terms and Conditions posted on the Website before using the services of the Website.
  • Notice

All the rights of the Website belong to _________ company




  • Services
  1. The24concept is an online platform where You can get acquainted with the products of different brands and make purchases.
  2. The24concept acts exclusively as an intermediary between You and the seller company (hereinafter “Seller”) and is not a side of the agreement signed/subject to sign with the Seller.
  3. The24concept has no responsibility regarding the arisen disputes/disagreements between You and the Seller about the bought products and does not participate in the investigation and settlement of disputes/disagreements arising in this regard.
  4. The24concept provides delivery services via third party delivery services chosen by the24concept.
  5. Therefore, by using the services of the Website You hereby authorize the24concept, as an agent, to realize the order purchase and/or organize the order delivery to the mentioned address on Your behalf and at Your expense, as the principal.
  • Registration
  1. These Terms and Conditions are equally applicable both for the Website visitors and the registered Website customers.
  2. In case of signing in to the Website as a visitor, You will have the opportunity to see and get acquainted with the products of the Sellers which are introduced on the Website.
  3. To fully benefit from the Website services and make a purchase You need to register and have Your account on the Website. When creating the account You are obliged to provide accurate and complete information.
  4. To register and create an account You have to provide the following information:

– Name

– Surname/Last Name

– email

– Password

– Address

– Phone number

  1. The24concept does not take responsibility for actions executed by other people through Your account and in case of suffering damages because of those actions the24concept is eligible to claim damage reimbursement from You.
  2. The24concept is eligible to unilaterally reject the customer registration on the Website or block the existing account if it is considered to contradict the requirements of the applicable law, its policy, or has a negative influence on the Website, Sellers, or visitors.
  • Order Confirmation
  1. To place an order You have to select the corresponding product introduced on the Website and after clicking the button “Add to cart” fill in the information required for making a purchase. Before Your final confirmation of the order, You will have the opportunity to see the information of the product subject to order and make corrections if needed.
  1. After Your final confirmation of the order, You will receive a notification from the24concept with information about the product to be ordered to the email address You provided. The notification sent to You by the24concept is for informational purposes only and does not constitute acceptance of Your order. The order is considered as accepted in the case when the Seller confirms the availability of the ordered product and You receive a notification of order confirmation from the24concept.
  2. During the order confirmation stage, the24concept can contact You via the phone number You provided to make verifications about Your order.
  3. You have the opportunity to add Your preferred product to Your cart and receive notifications about them.
  4. You also have the opportunity to add Your preferred product posted on the Website to the Waiting List in case it is not available at the Seller’s and receive notification from the24concept about its availability later.
  5. The24concept has the right not to accept the order if it considers the order is violating the requirements of the applicable law or its policy requirements or has a negative influence on the Website, Sellers, or visitors.
  • Payment
  1. The payment for the product purchased through the Website is made by the non-cash method through the payment systems available on the Website.
  2. When making a payment, You will be redirected to the page of the payment system selected by You on the Website. You will be able to make the payment for the ordered product by filling in the required information.
  3. The24concept declares that it does not process Your information containing financial secrecy, which is required by the mentioned payment systems, and is not responsible for storing it.
  4. The24concept also declares that it is not responsible for any actions or omissions made by the payment systems, and You agree that You will discuss the payment issues with the payment system, excluding involvement and participation of the24concept in the process.
  • Delivery
  1. The delivery is realized via the delivery services introduced on the Website and delivery services offered by the24concept.
  2. The prices set for the products on the Website do not include the cost of the delivery service. You can receive information about the cost of delivery service during the order confirmation.
  3. The24concept will notify You about handing the order to the delivery service and will provide You with the tracking number to track the order. If necessary, the24concept will provide You with the contacts of the delivery service which realizes Your order.
  4. To receive the order, it is necessary to present an identity document to the delivery service employee.
  5. The24concept declares that the dates of delivery mentioned on the Website are approximate and do not guarantee that the ordered product will reach You within that period. Therefore, it should be taken into account that parcels may reach You later due to customs inspection or force majeure situations, in case of which the24concept does not take responsibility.
  6. You are obliged to make the customs costs of the order, as well as the cost of keeping the order in the customs warehouse at Your expense, and in case they are made by the24concept, then You have to reimburse the costs incurred. In case the order subject to customs clearance is not accepted by You within 30 days, the24concept has the right to arrange the return of the order to the sender, for which You are responsible for all costs.
  7. The customs investigation and procession through a given country’s border is transferred to the customs control of international orders, customs clearance, as well as delivery of international orders, carried out by the addressee per the reserves of the customs legislation of that country
  8. The24concept is not liable for customs declarations, regardless of how they are made, also for the decisions made by the customs service during the customs inspection of an order.
  9. Shipping/Delivery disagreements and problems are discussed between You and the shipping service.
  • Return and Replacement
  1. The purchased products can be returned or replaced within 14 (fourteen) days after You receive them if the following conditions are met:
  • the product is not used
  • The product type, consumer features, seals, product labels are preserved, including the return label (if available);
  • Proof of payment or other settlement documents
  • There is evidence that the product was purchased from the Seller.
  1. The purchased product can be replaced only with another size of the same product.
  2. To organize the return or replacement of the purchased product the following steps should be done within 5 (five) days after receiving the product:
    1. Log in to Your account and click the button “Orders History” after which You will see the information of the orders made by You.
    2. Mention if You want to return or replace the orders fully or partially.
    3. Choose the order or orders which You want to return or replace
    4. Mention the reason for return or  replacement in the relevant section
    5. In case of returning the product because of improper quality, download the pictures of the defective product in the relevant section of the Website, according to the instructions defined on the Website.
    6. After confirming the return or replacement, You will be given a code and an address for the product to be returned or replaced, which You must indicate on the return/replacement sheet provided with the product.
    7. In case of return of the purchased product, by filling in the form mentioned above and placing it together with the product in the original packaging, You must send the product to the address provided to You by the24concept in the manner prescribed by the latter. The24concept will provide You with information on how product returns are arranged through the contacts provided by You. In case of return of the purchased product, You are obliged to bear the costs related to the delivery of the product.
    8. In case of replacement of the purchased product, You must indicate on the Website the size of the product You want to replace the purchased product with, after which You will receive a notification from the24concept about the presence or absence of the given product. If the product is in stock at the Seller’s and if the replacement is approved, You must complete the product replacement form, place it in the original packaging with the product to be replaced and send it to the address provided to You. In case of the absence of the product to be replaced by the Seller, the product may be returned per the procedure outlined in this Chapter. In case of replacement of the purchased product, You are obliged to bear the costs of returning the replaced product to the Seller and receiving the new product.
  3. The purchased product can be returned only if the above conditions are met and in case the Seller or the24concept, find that the product was of improper quality after the quality examination.
  4. A mandatory condition for the return of the products is the presence of a return label on the products (in case it was present when receiving the purchased products). The purchased product is not subject to return if the label is damaged or not available.
  5. In case of return of the purchased products, Your refund will be made within 40 days after receiving the products by the Seller, through the same payment system, through which the purchase was made, to the same account.
  6. In case of return of the purchased product, no bonus points are accumulated and no cashback is made.
  7. In case the value of the product to be replaced is less than the value of the product to be replaced with, You will have to pay the extra in the amount of the difference in value.
  8. The purchased product is not subject to return or replacement if it cannot be returned or replaced due to its nature or per the legislation. In particular, the following products are not subject to return and replacement:
  • Products made of precious metals, products with precious stones, products made of precious metals with semi-precious and synthetic stones, faceted precious stones.
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Perfume-beauty products, except perfumes.
  1. The24concept is not responsible for the rejection of Your return or replacement request by the Seller.
  1. In case of return or replacement of the purchased product, You are obliged to bear the cost of sending the product to the Seller or the24concept.
  • Responsibility
  1. You are accepting that the24concept does not take responsibility for the actions, inactivity, and services provided by third parties, which can cause damages for You.
  2. Particularly the24concept is not responsible for the loss, damage, non-delivery, late delivery, customs clearance, or not according to Your requirements of the ordered product and is not obliged to participate in the examination and settlement of disputes arising between You and third parties in this regard.
  3. You are obliged to reimburse to the24concept the damage caused to the latter because of Your actions or inaction per legal regulations.
  4. The24concept services are provided on an “as is” or “as available” basis without any liability. The24concept shall not be liable for damages caused for events that are not under its direct control, including force majeure events.
  • Intellectual Property

Thee Terms and Conditions do not grant You any rights towards the intellectual property objects belonging to the24concept and the Seller

  • Privacy 
  1. The information You provide to the24concept to use the Website services, including but not limited to Your name, surname, place of residence or other legal address, e-mail address, telephone number, or other information that may be personal, is used for personal identification.
  2. By using the Website services You are agreeing to the transfer of Your personal information by the24concept to the organizations who participate in the provision of the services, to the Seller, delivery service organizations, payment systems exceptionally for the service provision purpose. The personal information is recruited (received) only when You provide it.
  3. The24concept undertakes appropriate measures to protect the information that is considered personal which is provided to the Website
  • Terms and Conditions Termination
  1. You have the right to refuse the services provided by the24concept at any time and delete Your account on the Website by fulfilling all Your payment obligations to the24concept in advance. If You have an overdue obligation, You may not terminate these Terms and Conditions until they are fully incurred.
  2. To opt-out of the services provided by the24concept and delete Your account on the Website, You have to notify the24concept about it.
  3. By opting out of the services provided by the24concept You are agreeing to opt-out of Your bonuses existing on Your account
  • Applicable Legislation and Dispute Resolution Procedure
  1. Legislation of the Republic of Armenia is the applicable legislation for these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Disputes arising within the framework of these Terms and Conditions shall be settled through negotiations, and in case of failure to reach an agreement, the dispute shall be submitted to the courts of the Republic of Armenia.
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